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We strive on using the highest calibur equipment in order to capture high definition visuals & collect high quality data. We believe peformance creates perfection!
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Meet the pilot behind the drone.
Meet the person behind your flight to make sure your project or event happens just the way you'd like. We match you with our verfied pilots to make sure we meet your requirements.
Safety & Security
Be RIsk Free.
Our pilots are all experienced and pass our highyly regulated standards. We are licensed & insured making sure safety is our number one priority. Requirements are met for every project for safety measures.
Flight Map
Manage your flight schedule & keep your company involved throughout the process of your flight. Keep track of drone movements and timely events.Full Interaction will give you a hands on approach for your flight.
See your project come to life real time.
Join your pilot on site. With our drone technology you'll be able to sit in the pilots seat and watch it all unfold from
a bird eye view

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.
–Steve Jobs

Our Featured Services

   Private Events

SkyLabs provides you with technology to capture footage that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s for a wedding, bar mitzvah, or private party, our drones deliver high-quality images that will enhance any private event using our SkyBooth™ Events.
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   Inspection & Mapping

We aquire the best methods to accurately record & collect data for whichever project of your choice. Whether you need digital 3-D mapping down to thermal inspections, we make sure we get the right pilot & drone for the job you need.
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Real Estate

Gain a strategic advantage and create a more detailed perspective for your listings using our drone technology. SkyLabs drones will allow potential buyers to see a birds-eye view of the property and the surrounding area.
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Search & Security

Whether on land or sea, using our drone technology will make it easier to accomplish any search mission you can think of. Using the same technology we create security perimeters and set up a team of surveilance for your property or facility.
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Aerial Advertising

Have your business stand out in front of thousands of potential customers. At SkyLabs we use our drone technology to customize the way you want your company to look and feel in the middle of the sky. New age advertising while staying right on target for your vision.
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Research & Development

Skylabs can be used by research organizations of all different types to gain more insight using aerial footage. Our high-definition images along with data capturing will allow you to explore new elements and gather more information no matter what the field of study.
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SkyLabs provides the highest quality drone services at an affordable price. We provide the necessary equipment and access to a verified pilot of your choosing. You receive all of the benefits while assuming none of the risk.

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